OK, so you've made the decision to buy a laptop or tablet. Well, there are some things that you need to think about.

Portability - will it be going everywhere with you? Do you need it to fit in almost any bag? Or will it live mostly in one place, and be carried around occasionally?

Screen size - bigger screens are better for visibilty, but they make the laptop or tablet weigh more. This translates directly to Portability. The average size for laptop screen is 15.6 inches. Most tablets have a 10 inch screen.

Use - what are you going to use it for? Laptops that are used primarily to surf the internet, send and read e-mail, watch movies, listen to music, and do some office work start at around $500. Android Tablets to do the same thing start at around $150.
Laptops which are high performance for gaming or 3D drawing applications are priced at the more expensive end of the market, and are not necessary if you're only using your laptop for basic usage. These start at around $900.

DVD/BD drive - does it need to have an internal DVD or Blu-ray drive? If not, then you can get some very small units that are very portable and very thin. An alternative solution is an external USB powered DVD or Blu-ray drive.

Battery life - does it need to run for a long time on batteries? If so, then you're looking for something with a powerful battery. The average battery run time for most laptops is 2.5 hours, but some run for up to 9 hours! Tablets generally have a better battery life with an average of 6 hours.

Laptop or Tablet? - both have their advantages and disadvantages.
Tablets are portable and are quick to start up. However typing on a touch screen long term can be uncomfortable. Keyboards and associated cases and adaptors are available but at an additional cost.
Laptops have more data storage capabilities, bigger screens, and are generally more capable. A fixed keyboard does make them more bulky than a standalone tablet, and laptops are generally heavier.
Hybrid Tablet PC's generally work well in any situation and are ultra portable, but don't always represent good value for money compared to a conventional laptop or tablet for the equivalent price.

Ask questions and do some research - Call or e-mail Tech Toyz to have a chat about your specific requirements, and together we'll figure out what's best for you.
Tech Toyz is here to help you choose your new laptop or tablet, not baffle you with unnecessary and confusing technical information.
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